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EME Film Studio and Yaal Media present


With Vigithan sokka, Noel Sorrente, Raja, Eswar Kumar, Jacques Habib Nourel, Yarl Nilavan Shamson, Diego Salvador, Kanthan Nisanthan, Alexandre Mendes, Marianit Prabakaran, Thangesh, Tamil Priyan, Ajanthan Theyva Mayu, Gilbert Sandou

Cinematographer and editor Pon Ketharan

Music by Shameel J

Assistant directors Vinoth and Roy Robinson

Assistant cameraman Thinesh

Written by  Eswar Kumar

Directed by Eswar Kumar and  Pon Ketharan

Produced by Shweta Sivakumar

Poster designed by  Pon Ketharan

Title designed by Sujeepan Sabesan

Dialogues in French written by Pon Nathalie

Photograph of the poster Emmanuel Delaloy and Pon Ketharan Many thanks to Peter Tournier

Extras Jordan Corbineau and Mélanie Lefrançois

Making of Vinoth and Thinesh

Year: 2016
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