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No Exit [Le sas] Synopsis: HERZOG, trapped in an illicit traffic wants to pass "THE SAS" boarding in order to accomplish the mission given by his international mafia leader BERGMAN. His wife LEA, knowing the seriousness of his act, tries to prevent him....Will she be able to stop HERZOG? Technical team:

Director: Lauren 1st assistant director: Fabien Mauro


Frame and mount: Ketharan


Regie: Paola DiGravina, Davide Tomaselli


Scenography: Bénédicte Schmitz


Photography: Florence Levasseur Script: Stéphanie Vignes Assistant


light: Bénédicte Schmitz Storyboard: Fabien Mauro


Makeup: Marie-Laure LaFleur Sound: Maxime Girard


Sound assistants: Mikael Trochu, Roxane Debaume Performed by: Karine Blanchette: LEA Guillaume Clément: HERZOG Davide Tomaselli: BERGMAN June 2008

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